50 Shades of Black Recap


My 50 Shades of Black show opened on Wednesday night and the turnout was amazing. I was honoured to have so many great people come to the show including musicians Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat, Chuck Dukowski from Black Flag, Matt Sorum from Guns ‘n’ Roses, Clem Burke and Frank Infante from Blondie, Tim Armstrong from Rancid, Danny Boy from House of Pain, Moby and Flea.

The music component of the evening was amazing starting off with The Shrine making ear drums bleed with their Black Flag meets Black Sabbath strain of skate rock heaviness. They are westside skate punks, so it was great to see O.G. icons Jeff Ho and Jim Muir from Zephyr and Dogtown at the show.


Next up was my friend, collaborator and favourite DJ…. Z-Trip. Z-Trip added some fresh mixes to the amazing music he put together for my SOUND & VISION show and to top it off he brought out a special guest named LL Cool J!


LL is the coolest guy and he crushed us all like jellybeans running through ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’, ‘I’m Bad’ and ‘Rock the Bells’. Those are possibly my three favourite songs of his so I was blown away to have Z-Trip and LL Cool J performing them together in my gallery parking lot!


The show (art and music) was a huge production so a big thanks to Dan Flores, Lorrie Boula, Erica Overskei, Kevin Abrantes and the rest of our staff for making it happen. Thanks to Jon Furlong for the great photos too. The show is up for a month so if you couldn’t get in to the opening then stop by and have a listen to my favourite records. – Shepard Fairey



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