Spring Socks


Socks. The great unifier. The garment that binds. Whether you’re classy gentlefolk, scuzzy punks, beach loiterers, or something completely unclassifiable – we all wear socks right?

This season we’ve upped our sock game once more; we’re fully stocked and we’ve got socks for days. We’ve introduced the Ace Sock – a subtle cream number with three colourways of stripe; they all feature the OBEY script logo on the ankle under the jacquard stripes. We’ve also introduced the tie dyed Aquarius Sock and ethnic striped Temple Sock that boast patterns worthy of a healthy turn-up on your denim. You can also find updated colourways of our classic gym-style Cooper Sock; these sporty tube socks come in a variety of colourways to complement your kicks.

As a great philosopher once said: “It doesn’t matter if it is good – it only matters if it rocks. The main thing that we do is to rock your socks off.” – Tenacious D


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