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March 31, 2014


Check out the artwork Shepard Fairey created to raise funds for the Library Foundation Of Los Angeles. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“My wife Amanda and I believe in the value of libraries to provide resources for the public, especially those who can’t afford decent computers or an extensive book collection. When I was younger I did most of my research for art and design at the library. The LA Public Library system also has great tutoring and summer reading programs that are free to the public and a needed supplement to our underfunded school system. We have worked with the Library Foundation of Los Angeles to raise money for their programs for the last 3 years. This year’s event was a blast with a great group of people.” – Shepard Fairey


Shepard Fairey x OFF!

March 28, 2014


“It makes me very happy when art, music and politics come together. I was first moved by the powerful combination of those elements on the “Let Them Eat Jellybeans” hardcore compilation with music by Black Flag, Bad Brains, The Dead Kennedys, and the Circle Jerks with art by Winston Smith. The Circle Jerks soon became a favourite of mine and I found out that their vocalist, Keith Morris, had been the first singer of Black Flag. I saw the Circle Jerks many times over the years in S. Carolina, Rhode Island, and LA. A few years ago Keith formed a new band – OFF! with guys from other bands I like including The Burning Brides, Red Kross, and The Blackheart Procession. OFF! totally rock and have a killer vintage hardcore sound but they still sound fresh. I was incredibly honoured that, after visiting my studio, Keith and Dimitri from OFF! suggested that we collaborate on a 7″ where they’d write a song inspired by my art. I was blown away by the idea but instead they ended up writing the song inspired by the themes in my art first and then I created the art to fit the song! The result is the Learn To Obey 45 that comes out on Record Store Day. I’m also doing a poster that will come out around the same time. I love the way the music turned out and I’m proud to have my art associated with OFF! especially since art genius Raymond Pettibon, one of my favorites, usually does the art for OFF! I kept my approach to the art reverent to Pettibon but irreverent to greed. Read more and hear the song here.” – Shepard Fairey


March 24, 2014


“Moby and I have become friends over the last few years and I was honoured that he invited me to join in him in a discussion about art and music at the Project Gallery where his “Innocents” photography is showcased. Our mutual friend, writer Shana Nys Dambrot, moderated our discussion and asked great questions about the cross-pollination of art and music, inspiration, punk, process, etc… Check out Moby’s show before it closes if you are in LA.” – Shepard Fairey


March 24, 2014


“I admire Ai Weiwei for his art and his activism. His art is beautiful in form and, in function, embodies the principles of populism and social consciousness I aspire to in my own practice. This poster is a tribute to Ai Weiwei’s art, his courage to be outspoken, and in support of his ongoing political struggle with the Chinese government. I hope the image will help raise awareness and advance dialogue that might lead to permission for Ai Weiwei to travel freely and continue to express himself.” – Shepard Fairey

Check out more about the support of Ai Weiwei in collaboration with Friends of Ai Weiwei in this recent article from the Los Angeles Times.


March 20, 2014


The legendary photographer, Dennis Morris, has already collaborated with Shepard Fairey once this year; he’s been the ally to Shepard as they explored the punk world of Sid Vicious with the SID show. Spending his teenage years with Bob Marley in the focus of his lens has resulted in Dennis being an integral part of that blurred line between the two art forms of photography and music. For this latest collaboration with Shepard he has provided another iconic image of Bob Marley and it serves as a part of his latest show at the Known Gallery in LA. 

“My friend, photographer Dennis Morris, with whom I collaborated on the SID show, has a show of his amazing Bob Marley photos coming up March 29 at the Known Gallery. Dennis invited me to collaborate on a Marley image as part of the show and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I did a painting and there will be an 18×24 screen print signed by both of us available at the gallery. If you are in the LA area, check it out! – Shepard”

Jello Biafra

March 18, 2014


“The Dead Kennedys album “Plastic Surgery Disasters” was one of the first punk albums I bought back in 1984. I loved the music and lyrics from the album especially the song “Bleed For Me” which skewered Ronnie Reagan’s foreign policy and human rights record.

I bought all of the Dead Kennedys albums that were out up to that point and they were a big part of my evolution toward questioning authority and corporate greed. “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” is a classic. I have been able to work with Jello Biafra, the singer and brilliant lyricist of The Dead Kennedys, on a few projects over the years and when he asked me to design a portrait skateboard of him for Powell-Peralta I knew I’d ask Glen E Friedman if I could work from one of his photos. Glen liked the way the skateboard turned out enough to suggest we do a screen print. Jello agreed and all three of us signed it. I think this is a pretty special collaboration considering how influential Jello and Glen have been in my life. Oh, Winston Smith deserves a shout out, because he created the Dead Kennedys logo and the Alternative Tentacles logo which are included in the collage.

By the way, Jello Biafra and his band The Guantanamo School of Medicine will be playing live at the Roxy in West Hollywood on April 6. I’ll be there and you should be too. It’s gonna rock.” – Shepard Fairey

African Dream Initiative

March 14, 2014


For our Spring ’14 Collection‘s Awareness Project we’ve teamed up with African Dream Initiative. This special project features two fine art prints from Shepard Fairey available on our classic basic t-shirts in black. As with all of our Awareness Projects we’re striving to generate funds and awareness through this small collection and hopefully try to deliver messages about key issues to people that we know care about our projects.

African Dream Initiative, formerly known as LEAD Uganda, gives promising but disadvantaged children the resources to become Africa’s future leaders. They provide quality education and help the children build the skills they need to make their communities places where dreams can come true. Check out the link to the video here.

The African Dream Initiative (ADI) believes that the best way to build a stronger Africa is to foster future African leaders from diverse backgrounds. They provide already talented and motivated students with the skills, education and resources they need to become leaders in their own communities – creating a cycle of success.

To find out more about this exciting project visit the African Dream Initiative website and to support the cause take a look at Shepard’s prints on the limited edition t-shirts on our webstore.

New Print: The Human Trial

March 14, 2014


Shepard Fairey’s latest print is as a poster for the upcoming documentary ‘The Human Trial’ – check out for some more information!

“What’s stopping us from stopping diabetes? Since I was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes (T1D), I’ve heard the cure was only 5 years away. That was almost 30 years ago. Friends of mine are making a documentary film called The Human Trial that is following top US researchers in their quest to cure T1D. They are asking the tough questions about why there hasn’t been a cure. I want to see this film get made. Get involved. Support the cause.” -Shepard


March 13, 2014


On 8th February 2014, in celebration of the release of the OBEY X Suicidal Tendencies collection, we threw a party at the Ludwig in Amsterdam; we had live performances by Death Alley and The Local Spastics and were accompanied by DJ’s Father Futureback and Hugo from Red Light Radio

The place was packed and things got pretty wild! Check out the video HERE!

The Local Spastics is a young punk rock band that started around 2010; after a first demo the trio quickly built up quite a reputation with their aggressive live shows, politically incorrect behavior, and sarcastic lyrics.

Death Alley is here to show you a serious musical rock’n roll statement; they combine ingenious yet blistering guitar parts and an intensity of drumming that justifies the present-day existence of John Bonham’s Vista-Lite drum kit. Thriving on the sharp edges of Motörhead’s rock and roll, soaked in MC5-fuelled protopunk, and forged with Sabbath’s edginess – Death Alley brings a unique swinging rawness.

After all the excitement check out the collection HERE!

Shepard Fairey at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

March 4, 2014


Shepard Fairey’s upcoming exhibition at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art has been announced and will be a joint show with Jasper Johns; the show is titled “The Insistent Image: Recurrent Motifs in the Art of Shepard Fairey and Jasper Johns”.

Arrested Motion have posted an in-depth preview about the exhibition that you can find here.

“For his first major exhibition in his hometown of Charleston, S.C., the Los Angeles-based artist created an entire new body of work collectively entitled Power & Glory. The idea behind these works is the “celebration and critique of Americana with an emphasis on the meanings of power.” Staying true to his rebel, punk background, and the social and political critique in his work, the new pieces are full of “in your face” slogans and statements about power, security, protection and similar subjects. Known for his visual reappropriation of logos, symbols and imagery, the new paintings, sculptures, works on paper, and screen prints explore and analyse everything that is both good and bad about American lifestyle and culture. Along with exhibiting his works in the indoor space, Fairey will be creating a series of large-scale public murals in locations throughout downtown Charleston, visually and thematically related to the show.”

This show will be on view until July 5th 2014, after which the Halsey Institute will be producing a 116-page catalogue of the work in Shepard Fairey’s exhibition, including all of the images featured in the show, as well as installation photographs and documentation of the installation of public works.