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Shepard Fairey x Moby Dick

September 12, 2013


Shepard Fairey has created a special Moby Dick print for all the new members of the The Library Foundation of Los Angeles’ Young Literati Foundation.

They recently hosted an event in LA, which was attended by Moby, Colin Hanks, Mark Z. Danielewski and Shepard’s wife Amanda, the new chair of the foundation. The event also featured a DJ set from Shepard himself followed by a short set by Dhani Harrison and Thenewno2.

“What ever happened to Moby Dick?” is a new library program that asks readers across the city to re-examine the story of Captain Ahab and his obsession with the whale in context with modern day.

Into early October, the library will hosts activities from Highland Park to Venice, Granada Hills to San Pedro, to see how Ishmael and Captain Ahab speak to a 21st century audience in Los Angeles.


Store Visit: Triads, Middlesbrough

September 11, 2013


Every inch of Middlesbrough’s Triads is so carefully considered and so intricately flawless that you almost forget you’re even in a shop. It’s more of a showcase.

Graphic tees and tie die vests impose themselves over light grey, white and mirrored back drops whilst 5-panels and snapbacks are suspended in magic on clear glass shelves. It’s subtle and it’s clean. Located on Albert Road in the busy heart of Middlesbrough you can find sanctuary in a retail refuge that’s home to brands such as Norse Projects, Carhartt, Stussy, Penfield, Folk, and of course OBEY. Triads is a fascinating shop to behold; caught somewhere between a smart, unassuming, silver/grey receptacle for the best fashion in the UK and a minimalist work of art in itself.

The concept of the shop was created in 1988, a whole year before the birth of Shepard Fairey’s OBEY campaign, and has maintained its status as being the forefront of cutting edge fashion whilst retaining its cultured status. We’re in love with the presentation of the whole shop; the tie dye and camo pieces from summer ’13 take centre stage between a symmetric display of snapbacks and pillows. Triads also stock an incredible selection of the latest 5 panel hats that sit on top of the tanks and shorts – that’s your summer wardrobe sorted!


September 11, 2013

Gloucestershire’s skateboarding cultural hub, Decimal, have been representing the UK skate scene since 2005 and, whilst stocking all the essential apparel, hardware and footwear, consistently put back into the skating community with events such as last week’s annual skateday.

A cornerstone of Shepard Fairey’s upbringing, and the OBEY campaign as a whole, is skateboarding; it’s engrained into the roots of the clothing so independent stores such as Decimal epitomise the ethos of the brand.

We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to donate some prizes to the event and can’t wait for next year!

Check out Decimal online here!