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D*Face’s New World Disorder

June 19, 2013

‘Not a lot of people can reach the Bourgeoisie and rock the boulevard with their art, but D*Face does it with style and humanity’ – Shepard Fairey

Between 7th-23rd June 2013, the iconic StolenSpace gallery, stationed within the walls of London’s cultural garrison, The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, played host to D*Face’s New World Disorder.

D*Face re-works imagery appropriated from decades of materialistic consumption, including currency, advertising, and comic books, to comment on our conspicuous society. New World Disorder includes his latest body of work, which reflects upon times of chaos, disorder and loss, as informed by shifting circumstances in the social climate. Exploring topical and longstanding dystopian sentiments, the exhibition confronts the effects of love and loss from a physical, mental and cultural standpoint.

‘My work reflects our popular culture encompassing the American dream and the ideal of good triumphing over evil, no longer relevant in today’s society where the “invade now and ask questions later” philosophy isn’t tolerated or indeed wanted. Colliding cultures are no longer receptive to the American way, the Superhero’s triumph of good over evil as portrayed through the political circus is now decoded through the eyes of different cultures, weary and wary of the sub-plot play in today’s political climate where war equals brand invasion.’ – D*Face

New World Disorder marks the end of an era before the StolenSpace gallery relocates and the adjoining artist studios are demolished. It’s fitting then, that the nerve centre of D*Face’s working environment has been opened up as a part of the exhibition, allowing studio to become gallery. StolenSpace had been home to the likes of ROA, The London Police and Ronzo but we have particular interest as it was the site that Shepard Fairey chose to display 2007s NINETEENEIGHTEENFOURIA and 2012s Sound & Vision and the accompanying OBEY Clothing pop up store.

StolenSpace Gallery,
The Old Truman Brewery, London