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OBEY X Jason Woodside

May 28, 2013

Not much says summer like multi-colour. So with reds ablaze, yellows radiant and greens illuminated, the blues of winter are officially being ousted by outrageous shapes and unabashed colour.

New York’s professional colourer Jason Woodside has managed to completely re-imagine and re-contextualise three iconic street photographs with his mystic amalgamation of kaleidoscopic chevrons and incandescent half-moons.

The stark and jocular contrast between Woodside’s exuberance shades the reality found in Jon Furlong’s authentic and indubitable document of Shepard Fairey’s infamous OBEY Icon Face.

We find Shepard’s aerial assault on Boston cupped with shades and shapes straight from the future whilst both his pylon level paste and street-level symbols from Pittsburgh are supported by Woodside’s agile lines and bursts of inescapable summer.

So the Giant has been engulfed by a geometric jail. It’s clean and it’s bright and it’s a clever twist on a classic.

This collaboration doesn’t just end with a graphic.

OBEY x Jason Woodside Artist Series comes exclusively in two colourways; a cloudy light grey or, for the traditionalists out there, your trusty white. Both colourways are available on our summer-proof lightweight pigment t-shirt – perfect for the warm days with an extra-lightweight cotton construction and our classic slim-fit.

It also seems vitally important to doff our caps to the New York posse who partied hard enough at the official launch for the police to crash the celebration – see what a bit of colour can do! We’re super excited about this colour blocked collaboration and can’t wait for you to see it for yourselves!

View the collection here: OBEY X Jason Woodside