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OBEY Clothing Pop-Up Store London

October 26, 2012

As you may already be aware our flag ship OBEY Clothing Pop-up Store London is now open. Located at 12 Dray Walk in the Truman Brewery just off Brick Lane, the store is open from 10:30am till 6:30pm seven days a week. If you’re in the area make sure you pop in and say hi to the team and with Shepard’s ‘Sound & Vision’ show just round the corner its one not to be missed! Closes 4th November, so don’t sleep! OBEY Clothing Pop Up Store, 12 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, London, E1 6QL.


London Part 5

October 24, 2012

So here’s the final post to conclude our time in London. As Romeo and DJ Whoo Kid would say, “Maad moisture, yo.” which means the weekend festivities were a huge success and x1000 thank you’s to everybody who hung with, helped out, and haggled us over the past few weeks. For those heading to London (or planning to head head), remember both the Gallery and Pop-Up Store are open til Nov. 4th. …Thou shalt not sleep, mate.

The Record Shop Install @stolenspacegallery. Genius !!

++ Shepard brought over a 1000 of his personal records for everyone to enjoy ++

After numerous interviews, Shep snuck over to the Pop-Up Store to play some music.

GREENDOG DIST. aka OBEY France / Spain / Portugal

!!! Opening Night !!! (rain or shine)

DJ Ztrip live Audio / Visual Set !



Until Next show.


London Part 4

October 24, 2012

I’ve lost track of the days and time and everyone is running on fumes, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The past few days we’ve been working on both galleries and the pop up store putting the finishing touches on everything. Im not posting any photos of the galleries yet – leaving you in suspense, but heres a little look at whats been going on. PS. the weather has actually been nice…

The Andre piece isn’t in the show but I thought it made for a good photo

Z-trip flew in yesterday and is getting ready as well for the opening tomorrow night

Whole bunch of prints for sell.. ( not available until Saturday Oct 20th )

And now to the pop up store

Shep was getting photographed in the store for some magazine and I wessed the juice

Store is just about ready. come on by – OLD TRUMAN BREWERY

Little gift for the staff today
– Furlong

London Part 3

October 23, 2012

More long days, but the sun has been out and the brisk bone chilling air is awesome. Especially when your outside all day =) From where I left off last – Shepard and the crew had one more stencil to add to the Old Truman brewery piece before we could head over and start on the next mural.

you can never have enough stickers in the world

Bateman’s Row begins

The crowds / fans starting cruising through in waves to view the on going masterpiece. Only down side of this spot of we had to move the cherry pickers every time a car came by. There was a lot of unhappy motorist when Dan was up on the lift haha. He made them earn it to get through.

No matter how busy it was working on the wall, Shepard also took the time to greet and sign autographs / pictures for his fans.

now back to work

day one was a wrap, ran into a couple of these on the way back to the flat

another long day starts, but atleast the suns out

all complete

before heading home Shep was offered to stencil up on a wall over on Leonard st.

day # whatever is over. Starting on the gallery prep / install tomorrow and throughout the week

update coming on thursday, goodbye for now

London Part 2

October 23, 2012

Leaving off from my last post – The weather gods we’re kind to us and had nothing but Sun on day 2 for the Ebor mural.  People seem to catch wind that we’re around as the crowds and flockers grew throughout the day. Shep being Shep always has time for his fans.

first mural is done & done!!! heres the end result

headed back to Stolenspace to work on more of the record gallery portion of the show, but on the way we ( I ) did a little site seeing of some other great artist


Conor Harrington

and of course the best for last hahahha
set up has begun
lil sneak peek of something people are going to freak out on
Finished up at the gallery and we had a nice English dinner, thanks to D-FACE
Another day has begun and the crew is right back at it.
The truman brewery mural is under way

It starting raining AGAIN, so we had to delay until morning (example below)

next morning was probably the warmest day so far, which was good cause it let the crew work pretty quick

Just about done. Will post up finish piece Monday

In the mean time – VERY VERY expensive truck

Ran out of space so we had to use this fancy place to stretch some of the canvas ( opening next Thursday 10/18/12)

our man in the UK – Simon will be running the shop, say hello!

While the crew was finishing up the Truman mural, I took advantage of the good old sun and did a little walk about

I’ll end on a good note… Until next time… – Furlong

London Part 1

October 11, 2012

Its been a hectic past few days, filled with travel, no sleep, work, rain, cold weather and wonderful breakfast. We arrived mid-day Monday and met up with D-FACE over at Stolen Space to pow wow around the next 2 weeks. – Furlong.

After that, instead of sleeping we decided to head over to the Waterloo tunnels to check Steve Lazarides Bedlam show.. Cool yet very strange.

Steve Lazarides and Shep

Conor Harrington

Leaving the show, I had to take advantage of the background and a good one of Shep.

After the 30 some odd hours of no sleep and travel, the next day began.  Shep prepping some of his vintage posters for the record install at Stolen Space.

very expensive van

On the walk over to the first wall we spotted a pretty cool piece by ROA

The rain held out so things were looking good. Good people came by through out the day, all good vibes. Here’s the beginning of the first street installation

Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad stopped by.  Super nice dude!

We’re all done for the night, gonna finish up tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more, and check out OBEYCLOTHING on instagram for daily updates.

– Furlong