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Selfridges & Co.

October 29, 2010

In addition to selling the Obey Mens range in the London, Birmingham and Manchester stores, Selfridges now have their biggest Obey Mens selection up and online here!!!
If your really lucky the Oxford Street, London store still has some large Obey Face stickers to give away.
Go hit them up and let them know we sent you!!!


Printed Matters

October 26, 2010

Shepard gives us the lowdown on his recent ‘Printed Matters’ show in LA.

Jon Furlong – Bombs Away Limited Series Tees

October 20, 2010

What do Jon Furlong and a cold can of Bud Light have in common? Absolutely nothing… but they sure like to hang together, preferably between the hours of 5pm up until last orders every night. You don’t believe me? well here’s some facts…

1. He grew a moustache so there’s padding between the can’s tab and his upper lip.

2. Right above his left nipple, he tattoo’d his own “born on dating” which looks like a kinky-ass nip hair from far away.

3. He’s got endless nicknames for Bud Light, one favourite being “Boo-Lye-Lye” and another one “Alkie’s Nectar”

This season, Jon’s the featured artist in our Limited Edition T-Shirt Series available now. Check out the video for more about Jon, what he does, where he’s been and the connection between him and Obey… enjoy!