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The Big One is coming!!!! Friday 19th Dec.

December 13, 2008

Its going to be game on in less than 7 days when the Obey Clothing (UK) Christmas Sample Sale kicks off in our favorite spot in The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, East London, E1 6QR.
We will be opening at 11.30am on Friday 19th Dec, rolling through until 5.00pm on Sunday 21st Dec and be rammed to the gunnels with choice Mens and Womens Obey clothing.
Come down, say hello and pick up a bargain….. it’s going to be our last one for a good while!!!!


Stop Press….Hot Chip free download!!!!!

December 11, 2008

Head HERE to get a free download of “Made in the dark” featuring Robert Wyatt.

Hot Chip with Robert Wyatt and Geese’ will be in all good record shops on CD from 22nd December and there are 2 free downloads available as tasters of the EP as follows :
11th December – ”Made In The Dark’ Featuring Robert Wyatt.
19th December – ‘We’re Looking For A lot Of Love’ Featuring Robert Wyatt and Geese.
Click HERE for your first Free download of “Made in the dark” featuring Robert Wyatt.
There’s a true advent treat for yule!!!!

Dundee….The City of Discovery!!!

December 11, 2008

Concrete Jungle have it all going on right now!!!! A sweet Website just launched!!! Documentary filming started this week.  They are moving to a fresh new store along the road (4 Commercial Street) tomorrow!!! have a bucketload of history!!!!! And Billy is rappin on Busy P’s myspace…….

Check it!!!!

Aberdeen……Cold and Snowy!!!

December 9, 2008

With me fuelled on the orange stuff, the final stop was Aberdeen for a couple of days to work on some great pieces and talk snowboarding, music and will the hill be open this weekend??? with  Simon, Katie, Patty and Mark at Boarderline!!




And this was the big one of the trip!!! Sweeet!!!!



Scotland and 1522 miles……Done!!!!!


Bonnie Scotland!!!

December 8, 2008

So then it was up and into the Boarders to hit S4 in Carlisle….


Then through the gates of Scotland and onto my old stomping ground, Edinburgh….. and some late night activity at Focus.



Even the SB’s come in Irn Bru colourways in Scotland……


Then straight to Glasgow for more…..



Thanks to Sibs for the royal tour and the Burial tip!!!


Man, I love the road!!!!

December 6, 2008

It’s been a busy week, a great week… catching up with friends, checking out stores, talking music and snowboarding, driving the car without any windscreen wipers when it’s pitch black and snowing, doing some mileage, pasting the hell out of as many stores as possible, drinking Irn Bru and mulled wine……
Yes I’ve been heading North!!!!
First stop, Detour in Bath to tweek the pasting we did a few weeks back and see how ‘old fixie’ was doing, kidnap her and run to Bonnie Scotland…..


Saw a tee that was wicked! and strangely familiar………can you see what it is yet?????


Manchester – There’s a new store you should check out in the Capital of England (MC Tunes) called Thomas St Post Office…they know their Shit from their Shizel….

Check it out by Night and Day….







Epic!!! Zane smashes it at the Firestation!!!!

December 2, 2008

Tinnitus….the funny ringing that’s been in my left ear for 16 years to the day from when Sir James Martin (Faith No More) went to work on stage with the amps set at 11 at the Glasgow Barrowlands and I was in the front line.

Those Glasgow gigs were good times….
Rage Against The Machine stopped their Barrowlands gig in ’93 because my mate John was getting trampled on by security after a bit of crowd surfing.

I lost one of my DC Syntax’s in the mental fight that was the mosh pit at the Prodigy, (Glasgow Green) but miraculously found it later on and then went to see Green Velvet take the Arches apart, with a muddy foot, before getting the first morning bus back to Edinburgh!!!!

Anyway, there’s nothing like being at the front at a gig when the music is off the scale and the crowd is going mental!!!!!
Saturday was brilliant, Zane smashed it at the Firestation in Bournemouth, in a nice jacket……..enough said!!!!!



As for Rage and the Prodigy…check out Zanes Masterpiece shows this week on Radio 1.