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Last minute Sample Sale announcement!!!

September 28, 2007

Here’s one for all you friday afternoon bloggers.

Not shy of working weekends and in an effort to make some more room in our office we have decided to have a sample sale this weekend. That means loads of good Obey Mens and Womens clothing at cheap, cheap prices!!!!!

So seeing as its pay weekend why not come down and get yourself a bargin or two!!!

We will be camping out at The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, East London E1 6QL for Saturday and Sunday from 11am. Your best bet of finding us is to head to the Truman from Spitalfields via Hanbury Street and then through the barrier. Look for the subtle signage.

Remember the early bird catches the worm……. or is that Shepard Fairey ltd edition prints??????


Come say hello!!!!! and yes, there will be a small number of signed and numbered Shepard Fairey prints for sale. How’s that for a bonus!!!


Shepard Fairey comes to London!!!

September 13, 2007

‘If Shepard Fairey comes to your town, every single graffiti writer gets uptight. We don’t like Shepard because he makes us feel scared and lazy. I am absolutely positive he has made more reaches than any graffiti writer in history ever has done or ever will. And that means he’s won. Anyway, I once got to go gambling with his wife and she’s very lucky”  


– Banksy



1st – 25th November 2007

Stolen Space

Old Truman Brewery

91 Brick Lane

London E1 6QL


In more than a passing reference to the surveillance culture of Orwell’s 1984, Shepard brings his new exhibition ‘NINETEENEIGHTYPHORIA’ to London’s StolenSpace. Comprised of a range of artworks, from large scale multi media installations to smaller album screen prints Shepard’s artwork both scrutinises and distorts the narrative of the modern American Dream. Commenting on underpinnings of what Shepard terms the ‘capitalist machine’, it aims to critique those who support blind nationalism and war. Fairey addresses monolithic institutional authority, the role of counter culture, and independent individuals who question the cultural paradigm.

Now you know, this one is going to be bigger than you could ever imagine…

Weekend Women….

September 7, 2007

For you beautiful Ladies out there, listen up.  This Fall season is the offical launch of OBEY jewelry!  Both the necklace and oversized earrings are available in 18K Gold or White Gold plating and have just been unveiled in the wonderful boutique of Shop at Maison Bertaux



Get on down to Greek Street in Soho this weekend to make sure you catch a piece of this exclusive jewelry……and some cake!  They aren’t going to be available for long so give Madame a call to put yours aside – 05601 151 584 (yes, it is a London number – trust us)

And for you guys, remember the freshest Fall OBEY threads are out now!  Hit up the ‘Stockists’ page to hunt down your closest emporium.


“You know I stay fresh to death”