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We owe you some news!!!!

August 29, 2007

Busy busy busy. Dems da breaks……..Anyway buckle up, here are the facts!!!

1. Shepard has scheduled his next solo show for London!!!! Yes you did hear me correctly!!!!! This gig will be huge!!! did you see the NY shindig??? The Exhibition will open Friday 2nd November and will run until 25th November in the East End. We are planning to open a whole bag of tricks for the opening week!!! get on the mailing list…

2. We have shipped out the first drop of Autumn Winter Obey Mens and Womens out to store this week so this weekend you can fest out on new Obey product. The new ranges are fantastic!!! Check it for yourself at Dogfish!!!! These boys don’t hang around.

3. Obey Mens can now be found at these cool stores, Kong in Coventry and Lemington Spa, Traffic in Chelmsford, Schindler in Stockport and Obey Womens is now at Five O 2 in Southampton, The Consortium in Bournemouth and Catfish in Norwich. Have you seen the jewellery, Bling bada bada bada bada Bling!!! Looking for something a bit more local, check out the stockist page.

4. Art Republic in Brighton have some new Shepard Fairey prints in. Do an artist search to dig up the gold!!!
Back soon…….