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Something for the weekend Sir??? Part 2

May 23, 2007

Fancy keeping your finger firmly on the pulse and taking in something cultural??? Head down to the Dan Baldwin exhibition at new Brighton gallery Ink_d. It kicks off this Friday. The very nice people at Ink_d will be releasing a fresh new print from Dan at the show. Bet ya it’s dark as the night!!!!



Something for the weekend Sir??? Part 1

May 21, 2007

It’s the bank holiday coming up and as you know we have a penchant for the beats!! Come and mix it with the Perverts this friday!!


‘Smashing Pumpkins’ with OBEY

May 17, 2007

To capture the mood of our times with the album cover for ‘Zeitgeist’—the forthcoming album by THE SMASHING PUMPKINS – the band turned to acclaimed Obey Giant graphic designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey. After being given the album’s title to work with, Shepard came up with a haunting image: it’s a red, black and white illustration of a drowning Statue of Liberty, positioned in front of the sun that is either setting or rising.


“Like a great artist can do, Shepard had summed up very simply a lot of complex themes,” says the band’s Billy Corgan.

Look out for the album to appear in stores July 10th.

FUSShop joins the Posse!!!

May 9, 2007

Know your Blogs from your Blags? If so,  you will already know FUSShop from the head nods of the style aficionados.

This fine establishment has joined our esteemed ranks, sworn allegiance to the manifesto and is now stocking a wealth of Obey goodies.

Fix up look sharp, hit them up and see what you can find!!


Feeling the A-Trak love…..

May 2, 2007

London’s finest free music weekly – One Week To Live, have been spinning the latest OBEY Mixtape on their office stereo all week. Check it out..   


You’ve felt the hype,

You’ve read the review,

You’ve listened to ‘Act a Fool’ on A-Trak’s Myspace,

These Mixtapes wont be around for long, find them at
Urban Industry
and Bond

Wamp Wamp