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Spring is in the Air….

February 28, 2007

With only 2 weeks to go until the Spring delivery of the new Obey Clothing range, it’s time to start making space in your wardrobe for the new threads!  You are going to look real good this season…..




Born to be Badass…..

February 6, 2007

Around a year ago, custom motorcylce builder, Marty Bailey contacted Shepard and asked for his permission to use OBEY artwork and elements in a custom motorcycle design.

Well, a year has passed and Marty has unveiled some awesome footage of his one-off creation, the Obey Giant Chopper..

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A HUGE thank you to Marty for bringing this epic creation to life and a MASSIVE shout out to our numero uno informant, Jason Filipow over at Shep’s design studio, Studio Number One.

Limited Edition OBEY/DJ Shadow Tee

February 2, 2007

Last Summer, we here at Obey Clothing worked with the prolific Josh “DJ Shadow” Davis to produce the limited edition clothing and music boxset –  Public Works.

Consisting of 5 tee’s, a brand new full length mix cd by DJ Shadow, a copy of Shepard Fairey’s book “Post No Bills“, stickers, buttons and other suprises, the Public Works package was limited to 450 pieces.


The question mark you see on the picture above was the “secret extra special limited edition tee“, featuring none other than your favourite President as the Grim Reaper.  This tee was never available to buy seperately……………………….until now!

The guys over at DJ Shadow Merchandise have brought 100 of these sick tee’s back from the dead……….be quick and head on over to !!